To all of that.

Okay, okay, I’m back.

The reason I’ve been MIA for the past, oh, six months is because I’ve been in denial about having to write my thesis taking some time to carefully consider the best way to tackle my thesis. I’ve officially committed to writing the first three chapters of Shamed: An Exploration of Ugliness on the Internet. And I’ve decided the best way to start is just to start. Only took six months to figure that out.

When it comes to slut-shaming, one thing I hadn’t really considered until my professor sent me this article was the concept of girl-on-girl shaming. I just assumed that anonymous trolls who slut-shamed women online were male, but it turns out women are shaming other women too. This is the case with Lindsay Bottos, a young artist who posted selfies on Tumblr and began receiving hateful comments from, presumably, women. Lindsay began screenshotting the comments and pasting them over selfies, creating art by publishing the anonymous comments on the medium from whence they came.

The concept reminded me a little of blogger Heather Armstrong who used to publish all the hateful comments she received on a page with zillions of advertisements. That way her followers could read the horrific messages and Armstrong got paid in ad revenue. Brilliant!

Bottos, who explored sexism through photography in her senior thesis (love it) tells Buzzfeed:

“The act of women taking selfies is inherently feminist, especially in a society that tries so hard to tell women that our bodies are projects to be worked on and a society that profits off of the insecurities that it perpetuates. Selfies are like a ‘fuck you’ to all of that, they declare that ‘hey I look awesome today and I want to share that with everyone’ and that’s pretty revolutionary.”

Hell yes. Hoping to find more stories of women fighting back against slut-shaming. Maybe my thesis can be a part of that fight.

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One Response to To all of that.

  1. Grace says:

    Tara, I love this idea! Can’t wait to read it!

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