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Write Your Thesis in 3 Months

Write my thesis in three months? Seems too good to be true, but I’m liking this blog, especially his ten tips for fast thesis writing. I love that he encourages students to set a goal of 500 words a day … Continue reading

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The Thesis Diet

A friend of mine recently told me that while writing his thesis he lost a good ten pounds (pounds he couldn’t afford to lose), because of his poor eating habits. Whether it’s overeating or undereating, I think a lot of … Continue reading

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Git ‘er done

I’ve been having trouble focusing lately, especially on my thesis, so I decided to look up some strategies for getting stuff done. After reading a few, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to get something done is … Continue reading

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This Article on De-stressing Stresses Me Out

I wanted to write a blog post about how to de-stress, given that it’s the end of the quarter, and we’re all scrambling to finish up work (*cough*blog posts*cough*), so I Googled some suggestions. The Huffington Post has an article … Continue reading

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Fear of Starting

I’ve mentioned how I use productive procrastination as a way to avoid starting the thing I should be doing (like, my thesis), and I’ve heard from several of you that you have similar strategies. But recently I read two pieces … Continue reading

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There Should Be an App For That

I’ve been searching high and low for some kind of thesis timeline resource and have yet to find one that I like. In fact, aside from the Dissertation Calculator I told you about long ago (which I’ve tried to use … Continue reading

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Thesis: Real-life Animated GIFs!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this blog centers largely around two things: theses and animated GIFs. I use GIFs in this blog to better express how I feel, and often, in my real life, I wish I could hold up … Continue reading

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Don’t Write A Racist Dissertation #anotherthingIshouldnthavetosay

A group of Harvard students are pushing for an investigation into how a doctorate was granted to a student based on his 2009 dissertation, which asserted that Hispanics are less intelligent than whites. Let me put that more clearly: A … Continue reading

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Don’t Write Someone Else’s Thesis #ThingsIShouldntHaveToSay

I don’t even know what to say about this article. Oh wait, yes I do. UGH. Because of this guy, some wealthy kid is going to get a degree he didn’t earn. Then he’s going to go on to fool … Continue reading

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What a Waste

Want to be thoroughly discouraged slash annoyed? Read this article. Granted, she got her Ph.D. in literature with the goal of landing a tenured position, which isn’t a degree SCAD offers, but she sort of slams graduate school in general. … Continue reading

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