Could you tweet your thesis topic in 140 characters? Could you explain the whole paper in 120 seconds?

I couldn’t. Mostly because I don’t have a topic to tweet or explain, but I digress.

I stumbled upon an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education about how, for a while in 2012, thesis students were using #tweetyourthesis to share their topic ideas. Is it a good idea to break down a presumably complex topic into 140 characters? The article talks to people from both sides: one side argues that summarizing your thesis in such brief terms demonstrates a firm grasp on the subject and that students are better off when they can communicate their point quickly and concisely. The other argues that brief summaries may not be appropriate for certain science topics and that students who summarize so briefly may not be looking at or answering important questions.

I love to tweet, poke, like, check-in, and post, so I’m all for tweeting thesis ideas – especially when it encourages conversation. And I agree with one of the women quoted in the article – writing your thesis can be a lonely process, so having a space to share (like Twitter) is very welcome.

So that article led me to this one, which I also thought was pretty cool.

But all of this leads me to a bigger problem: WHAT IS MY THESIS TOPIC?

I’ll tackle that in my next post. I promise. For now, whenever anyone asks me about it I just answer a la Tom Cruise in Top Gun:


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