My Pomodoro Experiment

I’m happy to report that the Pomodoro Technique, which I talked about in this blog post, works.

Well enough.

I guess.

I like the idea of breaking my work into 25 minute increments, and I love the little five minute reward I get at the end of each segment, but there are a few hurdles I didn’t anticipate.

First – the ticking of the mechanical timer. Apparently, it’s important to use a mechanical timer because the winding you do confirms your dedication to the task (or whatever). But the problem is the constant ticking after you wind it up. For the first five minutes of the first pomodoro I was reading and re-reading the same page repeatedly because the ticking was so distracting.

After a few minutes of adjustment, I tuned out the ticking, but the ringing of the alarm at the 25 minute mark is, well, alarming. I find I’m usually deep into my task when the alarm rings, which makes me jump. Every. Single. Time.

Finally, often when the alarm rings, I’m not ready to stop. You know when you get into a groove and you want to just keep on going? I’ve been forcing myself to stop, take a break, and reset the alarm, but I’m wondering if I should just go with the flow.

Nevertheless, it’s been an interesting experiment I will continue to try.

If my nerves can take it.

Every time my timer goes off.

Every time my timer goes off.

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