For Scaddies

First of all, I hate that name. Scaddies. A cab driver used it last April when I was looking at SCAD, and I think I physically recoiled. First, my mind goes to scabs, which are gross enough. Then my mind jumps to scabies. You know, that skin infection where mites burrow into your skin? I know about it from this episode of the Real World circa 2004. You’re welcome.

ANYWAY, if you’re a Scaddie and you want some help with your thesis, there’s a non-credit online class you can register for for which you can register (hello, grammar). The add/drop period is over for this quarter, but the class is offered every quarter. It’s listed as GRAD-000 Thesis Support Program and is designed to help students at any stage in the thesis-completion process. Registering for the class gives you access to a number of planning, researching, and writing tools. AND you can chat with Writers’ Studio consultants online or in person.

Having such a handy class available makes me feel like this:

How about you?

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